Mountain tours

  Mountain tours…. What is more pleasant than to spend time in the mountains, become closer with nature?! Those who like climbing, camps, barbecue and other interactive activities are welcome to join one of our Summer courses in the mountains. You will be surprised how incredible Ukrainian Mountains are.

The participants will be able to choose whether to sleep in tents or wooden houses.  It is a great oppotunity to learn Enlish, breathe fresh air and have am amazing holiday at the same time.


  The list of necessary equipments for a trip up to 3 days in the mountains:


  Boots, sport sandals, 3 pairs of socks, shorts, trousers, 2 T-shirts, pullover, sweater, raincoat, all weather hat, glasses, rucksack 40-70 liters, mountain walking sticks (all the stuff you are able to buy or rent in Lviv).


Chornogirskiy mountain range


Chornogirskiy mountain range - Ukraine mountains

Chornogirskiy mountain range – mountains 2000+ m.


Khomyak mountain


Khomyak mountain - Ukraine

Khomyak mountain – 1542 m.


Dovbushanka mountain


Dovbushanka mountain - Ukraine

Dovbushanka mountain – 1754 m.


Gereshaska lake


Gereshaska lake - Ukraine

Gereshaska lake – 1577 m.


Grofa mountain


Grofa mountain - Ukraine

Grofa mountain – 1748 m.


Marmaros mountain range


Marmaros mountain range - Ukraine

Marmaros mountain range – 1936 m.


Parashka mountain


Parashka mountain - Ukraine

Parashka mountain – 1268 m.


Kukul mountain


Kukul mountain - Ukraine

Kukul mountain – 1542 m.


Petros mountain


Petros mountain - Ukraine

Petros mountain – 2020 m.


Pikuy mountain


Pikuy mountain - Ukraine

Pikuy mountain – 1408 m.


Kostrych mountain


Kostrych mountain - Ukraine

Kostrych mountain – 1586 m.


Black mountain (Popivan)


Popivan (Black mountain) - Ukraine

Black mountain (Popivan) – 2028 m.


Rus’ Way


Rus' Way - Ukraine

Rus’ Way – 1217 m.


Shpyzi mountain


Shpyzi mountain - Ukraine

Shpyzi mountain – 1863 m.


Dovbush rocks


Dovbush rocks - Ukraine

Dovbush rocks – 668 m.



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