Excursion “Underground Lviv”

Excursion "Underground Lviv"

Excursion “Underground Lviv”

 Excursion “Underground Lviv” – is full of secrets and intersting places. Lots of our visiters do not know what Lviv hides under the ground. There are different secrets that you can only see by choosing exactly this tour.

  Lviv is very famous for its legends and stories. To understand and feel them in real you must visit some places that are hidden under the ground. You will feel the atmosphere as if you lived many years ago.

 During this excursion you will be able to see:

  Pharmacy Museum – the oldest pharmacy in Ukraine. It is a thematic museum that has several rooms, courtyard and also some underground rooms where you can see the layouts of pharmacists in a working process.

  Coffee Mining Manufacture – here you will hear interesting stories about Lviv coffee, how it is made and the ways it comes to Lviv. Under the ground you will see how modern fantasy is interlaced with ancient decoration elements. This is the best place to feel the real aroma of coffee and taste it.

  Undergrounds of Dominican Church – one of the oldest undergrounds in Lviv. During the excursion you will be told about the man in honor of who is named our city – the Prince Lev. There are you can hear stories about his palace, love, witches etc.

  Opera House – Have you ever thought that under this wonderful and amazing building still flows the only river in Lviv. You cannot see it while walking around the city. It is hidden under the Opera House. There are lots of stories how this incredible building was built on Poltva.

  There are some other historical places and restaurants that are included in the tour. They are not less important that the above mentioned as in many places you will taste our national food, listen to the stories about ukrainian army, look at old army weapons and even take pictures in old thematic clothes.