Children Package



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  IEA offers such a special Children Package for our lovely kids . If you would like your child to learn English from the early ages, without an accent and usage of your own language, then you are welcome to apply for the Children Package. This course is totally different from other courses we offer. The studying program is specially designed for foreign young learners by using the latest technologies and methods. The course is mostly based on interactive way of learning English.
There is one very important point – the children should have their coordinator or a person who will be responsible for them during the whole program. This person takes part in the course for free.


  The price of the Children Course is 1000$. The full course lasts 4 weeks. During such period of time you will become one level higher in comparison to your primary knowledge. You also have the opportunity to choose not the full studying program. The price for 1 week – 330$.



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