Castles of Lviv Region

Castles of Lviv Region

Castles of Lviv Region

     Castles of Lviv Region is a tour that allows you to feel the true spirit of militant Middle Ages, to stand under the walls of the fortress, to explore the surrounding landscapes from the bastions of the castle.

  Luxurious palaces with paintings, furniture and other antiques are also available for you.

  One of the most popular tours of Lviv Region includes three amazing castles:

  Olesko Castle – is a fortification that exists from the XIV century. The history of the building is extremely rich. Polish King Jan III Sobieski was born here and later the castle became the royal residence. Today the castle is generously filled with exhibits, beautiful interiors and interesting works of art.

  Pidhirtsi Castle – one of the most beautiful castles / palaces in Lviv region. It has good fortification features, but its main function was a rest, what we can understand from the Latin inscription at the entrance.

  Zolochiv Castle – one of the greatest monuments of Galician defensive architecture. It is located on a hill, for years actively performed defensive function. The castle stood lots of the Cossack, Turkish and Tatar attacks in the XVII century. Large and Chinese palaces with thick walls form an amazing Renaissance ensemble. Today the castle is completely restored and generously filled with historical exhibits, art, recreated interiors. In Chinese Palace there are the exhibitions of Asian cultures (presented by the art of Japan, China, India, etc.).

  The excursion “Castles of Lviv Region” lasts during the whole day. You will be able to visit and explore each castle inside and outside and will be given free time to walk and take pictures. Also the tour includes a lunch break.